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Cuba model only way out for Zambia amateur boxing

ZAMBIA has quite many lessons to learn in amateur boxing if her performance at both regional and international tournaments must see an immediate facelift.
Except for isolated and scanty medal scoops ‘too few to cause a tidal wave even in a glass of water’, everything else in the plot of amateur boxing in Zambia has yielded nothing worth the world’s attention, with the phrase ‘going back to the drawing board’ the usual exit tool from shame.
Right now, for the umpteenth count, the Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) is meshed up in another tiff or is it a scandal?
There are accusations and counter-accusations going on. The past has never been any different. While I am not competent at all to comment on the goings-on at ZBF, my hope is that those upon whom this onus lies could soon ‘solve for x and y’.