CSPR advises govt to enhance tax revenue collection

THE Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has proposed that Government should enhance the tax revenue collection base by formalising the informal sector through a well coordinated cooperative movement that can contribute positively to economic growth.
In a budget submission for 2017 availed to the Daily Mail last week, CSPR advocacy and communication programme co-ordinator Maxson Nkhoma said formulating strategies that help broaden the collection of revenue both formal and informal will enable Government fulfil its obligation.
Mr Nkhoma is, however, hopeful that Government will enhance domestic revenue to sustainably finance poverty reduction programmes and promote national development through increased equity in revenue collection and expenditure.
“The decision by the head of state to move the co-operatives from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry should be able to transform the co-operative movement to work as a viable business entity where Government can generate revenue for development,” he said.
Mr Nkhoma also said linking institutions such as the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to informal tax payers, especially, those in markets and co-operatives, will help stir economic growth at grassroots level.
“ZRA should re-align itself to the level of the people paying tax to it by introducing offices in markets and other public places so that the tax paying community is able to relate well and interact with the authority.
“Further, ZRA should introduce registered tax teller machines for non-compliant taxpayers for easy monitoring of cash transactions and collect appropriate taxes,” he said.

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