‘Crime doesn’t pay’, says Kasalanga video


A KABWE musician, Nengu, has released his fourth music video for one of his songs, Kasalanga.
The artiste, whose real name is Nathan Sichamba, says he is also in the process of releasing a 10-track album as he seeks to establish himself in the music industry.
Kasalanga is the title track of his first album and the artiste says he felt compelled to come up with a video because the song is based on his real life experience.
“The video is out and it is about my song Kasalanga, which is based on a true story about when I was arrested for assault,” Nengu, who is a taxi driver, said.
“I was compelled to do a video on this song because of the lessons I learnt when I was arrested and how bad I felt to be in that truck Kasalanga (police truck).”
Nengu said the video, which features police officers, was shot in Kabwe and produced by Kwanunkwanu Studios managed by artiste Christ Emmie Routes, formerly called Emmie Routes of the Ama Facts fame.
Nengu has thanked the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja for granting his request to feature police officers on the video.
“The police were involved as this song teaches people to refrain from committing crime,” he added.
Nengu has other music videos to his credit for the songs Kukaya, Abana Banshiwa and Condemn.
And as he consolidates his career in the music industry, the taxi driver-cum-singer is this month expected to release his second album.
Nengu, who entered the music industry in 1997 as a rhumba dancer and later learnt the craft of song composition, boasts that his achievements show that he has come of age in the music industry.

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