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‘Creating a better Zambia for children’

Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
ZAMBIA will on March 6 this year, join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB), this is a day which gives children an opportunity to air their voices.
Every year, it has become tradition for broadcasters to celebrate ICDB with children from all walks of life who drive home the point that they too have the right to express their opinions freely and have the right to be heard.
For Zambia, the day will be commemorated under a local theme, ‘Creating a better Zambia for children: Zero tolerance to violence’.
The children will freely to express what they understand about violence; and how it affects them whether as victims or perpetrators.
Violence which takes various forms affects children differently and can impact negatively on young lives; they will be able to share their experiences. It is hoped that by giving children an opportunity to voice their feelings about the increased levels of intolerance and violence the country has witnessed in the recent past, a thought will be spared to create a better Zambia for them.
As the Bible clearly states that, train a child in the way they should go so that even when they grow they will not go astray, It is important that as a country we begin to inculcate a culture of peace in the minds of young people so that it becomes a way of life.
By cultivating a culture of peace from schools, institutions of higher learning and communities; children will learn to appreciate that there are non-violent ways of resolving conflict.
This will thus become a way of life as opposed to what is happening now. It is easier to change the attitudes of children from an early age to accept that in any society there is diversity which should be accepted because no two people can be the same and to learn to co-exist with each other in spite of the differences. To change the perception, values and attitudes of individuals as well as within social, political structures of society.
The ICDB was launched by UNICEF in 1991 in order to encourage broadcasters worldwide to create awareness for children issues and to air quality programming for and about children.
Every year, thousands of broadcasters in over a hundred countries take part by celebrating the day in ways that are as unique and special as children themselves; Zambia is not an exception.
Furthermore, UNICEF encourages broadcasters to open their airwaves throughout the year, so that the commemoration of the ICDB moves from being just one day to an overarching initiative to involve more young people in the media and broadcasting process.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care. or

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