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Crazy 4 back in the studio

HIP HOP group Crazy 4 is back in the studio recording its second album under Lusaka’s K-Army Studios, which will be a follow-up on the debut album Big Business in Progress that was released in 2012.
The group, which is being produced by Big Bizzy, recently released singles – VIP, Hate and will soon be dropping Am Sorry Hip Hop.
“Most of our songs are influenced with what is happening around the society and a touch of self-proclaimed lyrical styles for the hip hop lovers. We want to be a hip hop group that not only entertains but teaches, motivates and inspires generations to come,” the group told the Weekend Mail.
“People should expect a whole grown-up and mature clique from the beats to the delivery of vocals and skills. We’re not the same group as before, each song moves us a step higher. We recently dropped the video for Hate and in a few weeks, we’ll be dropping the video for Am Sorry Hip Hop. Otherwise, people should expect a whole new level of entertainment from the group.
“Crazy 4 is a group of guys that share an interest in music. The group has its origins in hip hop but can deliver on any genre of music from hip hop to kalindula.”
The members are G-Wise, Romeo Katongo, Miso Chisenga and Mwamba Sikazwe aka E1.
G-Wise is a journalist/television and radio personality while Romeo, also known as Mr Big Bizzy, is a producer at K Army, who has worked with a number of local artistes that have had some major hits on radio and in clubs.
Misozi, also known as X5, is an accountant by profession and business trainer, who has brought his management abilities to the group as well his rap skills. E1, a Lusaka businessman, brings to the group a touch of dancehall.
The group was formed in 2011 after a collaboration that got enough airplay and appreciation on social media. The group has since released hits like Tibalasa, Zimya featuring Pilato and Su Unganibeleshe that featured Slap D, Alpha Romeo, Ruff Kaida and W-Star

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