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COVID fight for all

CURRENTLY, the country is enforcing the golden five rules as a way of fighting the coronavirus.
The five golden rules which should be adhered to all the time and everywhere are masking up in public; maintaining physical distance; washing hands frequently or using hand sanitiser; avoiding crowded places and staying at home; or seeking medical attention early if symptomatic.
Despite these golden rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19 being in place, cases have been rising almost everywhere in the world, including Zambia, which has now breached the 1,000 death mark.
Evidence, however, suggests that cases in countries where vaccinations have started have now dropped by almost 50 percent.
That is why Government is determined to ensure that the country does not remain behind by making available vaccines to the citizens to help curb the further spread of COVID-19, which has affected the country in more ways than imagined.
Government will get vaccines via several mechanisms, including the African Union, Global Fund, GAVI Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, etc.
The biggest hurdle now is the supply chain issues. Most manufacturers have back orders and will take months of production to honour the orders already paid for. Africa does not even have money to buy vaccines.
But knowing the global nature of the world today, those with more resources are sharing with those with less so that the latter could manage the pandemic and prevent the further spread of the disease.
So, this is a strategic move. Therefore, the envisaged involvement of some foreign missions accredited to Zambia as well as the private sector attests to the fact that multiple players with particular advantages must be brought together to fight the pandemic.
It is the private sector which has the means to produce the vaccines and the means to transport them. Secondly, the private sector operates on management systems that are more efficient than the public sector.
We also note the commitment of the church in joining the fight against the pandemic.
The Catholic Church has on its part decided to dedicate funds to be raised during the Lent season towards the pandemic.
The funds will go towards various uses as the church may deem it. This is a commendable effort because it demonstrates the desire by many stakeholders to pool resources towards a good cause.
This is because much as Government is making strides in containing the pandemic, it can only do so much.
Therefore, all stakeholders have a stake in ensuring that the pandemic is brought under control through the various interventions ranging from sensitisation to the provision of materials such as personal protective clothes, soaps, sanitisers, including vaccines.
Everyone must participate in the fight against covid-19 for a win-win situation.

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