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A NURSE helping a colleague wear her personal protective clothing before entering a COVID centre at the University Teaching Hospitals earlier in the year

COVID cases keep rising

WITH the rise in the COVID-19 infection rate, Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) has called for unity of purpose and collective responsibility to fight the pandemic amidst political campaigns.
And the Ministry of Health has appealed to the education authorities to implement the school surveillance guidelines fully as the country records a positivity rise of 2.6 percent.
ZNPHI director Victor Mukonka says politicians should be wary of the increase in the infection rate and prioritise COVID-19 sensitisation messages when addressing the electorate.
Professor Mukonka said ZNPHI has observed that adherence to health guidelines is generally poor and the country risks getting into a third wave.
“We are in a peculiar environment,” he said. “The cold weather and the campaign period where we may see frequent public gatherings. So all these factors are red flags.”
“This calls for unity of purpose and collective responsibility to fight one common enemy called COVID-19. The leaders going into campaigns must first deliver the COVID-19 sensitisation as first message before they even get into CLICK TO READ MORE