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COVID-19’s unsung heroes

IT IS 11:30 hours and most people are glued to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Television in their homes, offices and many other places.
Others are listening attentively to radio as the Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya, gives the daily update on COVID-19.
Journalists from print media are ready to capture the information for publication in their newspapers.
This is a picture which has characterised the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic by the media in Zambia.
Both the print and electronic media have been reporting on the daily updates of the pandemic that has ravaged the globe since its outbreak end of last year. Social media platforms have also not been left behind.
What viewers, readers and listeners might not take into consideration is that, apart from the medical personnel being revered as the frontline staff in this fight, media personnel alike have found themselves in the front line of the fight by way of coverage.
Like health personnel, media practioners, through their line of duty, have been put in harm’s way.
They face a danger of contracting coronavirus as they gather information about COVID-19 in the field.
Fortunately for Zambia, there hasn’t been a reported COVID-19 case involving a journalist so CLICK TO READ MORE