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Covid-19: Zambia’s doom’s day scenario

IMAGINE living under a 24-hour curfew for weeks; not being able to go to work, trade or freely buy food because shops are closed. Imagine not being able to visit relatives or friends, confined to your home.
How would you survive?
Well, stop imagining because the above scenario is not very far from reality. Already, it is a reality for over 20 countries, or a quarter of the world’s population, which is now under lockdown because of the coronavirus or Covid-19, which has now infected over half a million people across the globe, and killed over 25,000.
Clearly, no-one is safe, from ordinary people to presidents and monarchs.
And with many companies having sent some workers home, and bars and gyms shut, church meetings, weddings cancelled, Lusaka is already beginning to resemble a city under lockdown, with emptier streets and malls.
Yet it might get worse if the threat of Covid-19 lingers.
In his address to the nation in which he introduced stiffer measures to minimise social contact last Wednesday, President Edgar Lungu said the country will have no option but to CLICK TO READ MORE