COVID-19: You could be paying your risk

MONEY being a medium of exchange is believed to be one of the drivers for the new coronavirus, which has ravaged the world, killing over 16,500 people globally and 26 in Africa.
Everyone needs money to acquire goods and services, meaning banknotes have to exchange hands between buyers and sellers of goods and services.
This has been identified as a risk factor in terms of the novel coronavirus, a highly contagious contactable disease.
Equally risky in the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person are automated teller machines (ATM) because thousands of people tend to come into contact with these banking facilities.
For this reason, the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) is encouraging the use of electronic money transactions where cash exchanges can be avoided, and has since announced measures to facilitate paperless transactions.
On a similar precautionary path against COVID-19, the Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) has instructed banks to adhere to preventive measures in the handling of cash and other financial transactions.
BAZ says the health and well-being of workers and bank customers is paramount and CLICK TO READ MORE

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