COVID-19 can’t stop Mikrophone7 at 7

DESPITE the restrictions brought about by COVID-19, gospel artiste Mikrophone7 managed to celebrate his seven years of ministry at a concert dubbed Celebrating 7 Years of Mikrophone7 at the Lusaka Playhouse last Saturday.
The show, which had Magg44, Solomon Plate and Holic as surprise performers, was held under restrictions of the new normal.
Originally scheduled to start at 15:00 hours, the show only started an hour later and accommodated about a 100 people in the 250-seater playhouse.
Holic, an up-and-coming artiste under Juice Music, a Mikrophone7 music label, opened the stage with Webeko Somebody followed by a mix of his sings off his upcoming album.
Right after Holic, Mikrophone7 took to the stage and performed a few songs including his old one from as far back as 2013. This was after all about tracing his seven years of ministry.
Before the audience could realise it, Solomon Plate had joined Mikrophone7 and together performed Let Me, a song they collaborated on in 2018.
Solomon Plate later sang his Way You Are, a song he released last year. Though he was one of the surprise acts, those who regularly attend Mikrophone7’s concerts would say the duo is inseparable. They always perform together.
Mikrophone7 continued performing with his Current Situation, You Gonna Be Okay and Anthem when Magg44 surprisingly came up to join him on stage. And together, they performed Vichani, which is Mag44’s 2012 hit song.
Right after that, Mikrophone7 moved on to perform his songs that have previously made the charts. He sang Blesser, Mumfyoli, Dear Love, After Your Heart and ended with Chapindamuka, the fans favorite and the current hit song.
Mikrophone7 has an album to his name titled Current Situation which he released in 2017. CLICK TO READ MORE

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