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Cousins drag each other to court over land

A FIFTY-ONE-year-old peasant farmer of Chief Chimense’s area in Mansa has narrated before the court how his cousin whom he gave a piece of land for farming threatened to kill and bury him on the farm.

Appearing before senior local court magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba was Febiano Chisenga who sued Sefelino Pwasha, 54, Chengo Pwasha, 21 and Felix Pwasha, 19, for order of a farm.
Chisenga said in March last year, his cousin approached him and asked for a piece of land where he could do his farming activities to feed his family.
He said he gave Pwasha the piece of land and asked him to hand it back after the harvest.
Chisenga said when he went to his farm in May this year, Pwasha, with his two sons started insulting him and threatened to kill him using a hoe and bury him on his farm.
Chisenga said Pwasha then squeezed his neck while threatening to hit him with a hoe.
“I got sick and my cousin was happy and started telling people that I should die so that he remains with the farm,” he said.
And Pwasha said the land in question was family property, which was left by their late uncle.
He said Chisenga had gone to his house telling him to stop farming on the piece of land, which was a family property but under his custody.
Pwasha said Chisenga does not want any family member to cultivate on the parcel of land except himself.
The court adjourned the matter so that they can view the site.


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