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Court revokes man’s estate administration role

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
A LIVINGSTONE local court has revoked the administratorship of a 31-year-old security guard for his father’s estates because it has expired.
Livingstone local court principal magistrate Harrison Kabwenga said people that appointed as administrator should know that being an administrator is not a job and that is the reason they should be able to sort out issues for the deceased person within three months.
“You were appointed administrator of your father’s estates in 2004 and yet you still have not changed ownership of the house. I am therefore revoking the appointment of administratorship because it should have been renewed a long time ago,” he said.
This is in a case in which Mutondo Kalombo sued Kalombo Kalombo for reconciliation.
He said according to the law the widow is only entitled to live in the house until she dies or gets married.
“The law is very clear that the estates are for the children and not the widow,” he said.
Mutondo asked the court to reconcile the family.
“We had resolved to sell the house I wondering why the administrator has been adamant and he does not share the rental money,” he said.
But Kalombo said the house was now his mother’s property and that only she had the right to make a decision whether or not to sell it.
“We decided as a family that we would not sell the house because it belongs to all of us. The house belongs to my mother who had worked hard with my father to buy it. We the children have no right to decide to sell the house,” he said.
The court in passing judgment revoked the administratorship.

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