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Court reconciles Chipata compound couple

A Lusaka woman of Chipata Compound has been reconciled with her husband after the couple was given a chance to work things out because the husband refuses to perform his duties as a husband.
The Matero Local Court reconciled Mervis Phiri, 44, to her husband, Sailas Chibeka, 53, who she said stopped making love to her and each time she tried to talk him into it, he said he was sick.
“Since we got married for the second time, my husband does not touch me, he insists on using a separate blanket to avoid me. When I try to convince him, he tells me that he is not feeling well and when I persist, he ends up beating me up,” she explained.
Chibeka and Phiri got married in 2009 but divorced months later due to marital problems. In 2013 the two remarried. The couple has no children together but both have children from their previous marriages.
Phiri told magistrate Pauline Newa that her husband does not leave any money for food but instead gives it to his son, whom they live with.
In his defence, Chibeka told the court that he does not always refuse to have sex with his wife but only does so when either one of them is unwell.
He told the court that the two of them started having problems in their marriage because his wife refuses to accept his children whom he had with his first wife.
Chibeka also narrated that he has observed that his wife mistreats his children and she always gives them a lot of work while her children just laze around.
Magistrate Newa reconciled the couple saying both of them were still in love with each other and willing to work things out.
She advised Chibeka not to deny his wife sex and not to allow small things come in between their marriage.

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