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Court rebukes man for alcohol abuse

CHOMA magistrate Jacob Mbolela has reprimanded a 22-year-old man of Choma’s Mwapona for abusing alcohol and allegedly threatening to kill his 45-year-old mother.
This is in a matter in which Brighton Makala is charged with threatening violence.
It is alleged that on August 30, this year, in Choma, Makala allegedly threatened to kill Rose Madawo.
When the matter came up for plea, Makala denied the charge.
“I deny the charge because on the material day, I was drunk,” Makala said
But before the court could set the date for commencement of trial, the complainant applied that the matter be withdrawn.
“This [Makala] is my child, he was drunk when he uttered those words. I’m asking the court to forgive him and if he ever threatens me again, I will report him to the police,” Ms Madawo said, an application which Mr Mbolela vehemently threw out.
“Now, listen to me carefully. Which law allows children to threaten elderly people? And why did you in the first place report this matter to the police if you knew he is your son?
What guarantee is there that this boy will not threaten you again? What if he had killed you? Anyone who commits a crime has to be punished, whether the suspect is related to the victim or not. So, in the meantime, your son will be in prison,” Mr Mbolela said.
He castigated Makala for abusing alcohol as opposed to engaging in productive activities.
“And you [Makala], you should not drink alcohol at your age.  How can you threaten to kill your mother? Don’t you know she is your second god? he asked.
Magistrate Mbolela adjourned the matter to October 3, this year, for commencement of trial.


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