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Court orders man to support pregnant girlfriend

A FORTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD man of Kitwe has been ordered by the Buchi local court in Kitwe to support a woman he made pregnant by giving her K250 every month until she gives birth.

Buchi senior local court magistrates Elita Bwalya and Caroline Mbewe made the order last week after establishing that the defendant had an affair with the plaintiff before she became pregnant.
This is in case in which Frida Kasonde, 25, sued Jorris Mubanga, 46, for support of pregnancy.
Kasonde told the court that she met Mubanga on December 23, last year and had sex with him the following week.
She narrated that she noticed that she was pregnant the following month and after she called him, he started avoiding her and telling her he was not around.
Kasonde narrated that Mubanga threatened to kill her if she ever mentioned him as being responsible for her pregnancy.
And Kasonde’s mother, Royda, 60, narrated that efforts to call Mubanga for a meeting following the pregnancy failed because he was sarcastic to the emissaries the family had sent to his house.
Mrs Kasonde said when her daughter started going for antenatal sessions, she was given a list of requirements but Mubanga allegedly refused to buy anything.
But Mubanga denied being responsible for Kasonde’s pregnancy and wondered how he could impregnant a woman he was not married to.
“I know this lady through my friend and I just used to talk to her. I have never had sex with her and I have never taken her to my house. I do not want to get married,” he said.
But magistrate Bwalya said it was clear that Mubanga knew the plaintiff intimately even though he was trying to deny it.
She ordered Mubanga to buy all the requirements for the pregnancy and support the woman with K250 every month until she delivers.