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Court orders adulterer to pay K3,000

THE Mansa Local Court has ordered a 45 year old man of Medium Density area in Mansa to pay K3,000 to the man whose wife he has been sleeping with.
This was in a case in which Davis Chikumbi sued Freddie Mwewa for adultery.

Chikumbi said when he married his wife, their stay was okay but he noticed some changes in his wife and that one day he saw Mwewa dropping his wife home.
Chikumbi said his wife talked all night on phone with him and that she stopped treating him like the man of the house.
“He calls my wife every night, especially the time when Zamtel introduced 90 minutes, he picks my wife at any time,” he said.
Chikumbi said Mwewa started sleeping with his wife many years ago and that this has led to the break-up of his marriage.
He told the court Mwewa would pick his wife and bring her back after two days.
“I confronted him and he apologised saying he did not know that she was married because she told him she was on separation,” he said
And Mwewa said Catherin Mwila told him she was on separation with her husband.
He said he had been flirting with her for two years.
Senior local court magistrate Kingsfrey Mwila ordered Mwewa to compensate Chikumbi with K3,000 for sleeping with his wife.


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