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Court orders acquittal of Livingstone motorist

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Livingstone Magistrate’s Court has acquitted an unlicensed driver of Dambwa Site and Service of a charge of assault against a police officer.
This is in a case where Teddy Tembo of unknown address was facing one count of assault against Teddy Mataa.
It is alleged that on February 16 this year, Tembo assaulted Mr Mataa, a reserve constable, while he was executing his duties.
The facts of the case were that on the material date, Tembo of unknown address, was driving when he was stopped by a traffic police officer, but he refused to stop.
When he later returned on the same route, police officers tried to get his car keys, but he did not oblige and a confrontation ensued during which process the accused allegedly bit a police officer on the chest and hand.
Police, in trying to apprehend Tembo, used tear gas on him.
In his judgment, Livingstone resident magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala said that he had considered the evidence on record.
Mr Chilingala said the officers’ decision to use tear gas on the accused person was not justifiable and they could not claim that they were duly executing their duties.
He said police action against the accused was excessive and tantamount to assault.
“The accused person is set free. I will therefore acquit the accused and order that his liberty be given to him forthwith,” Mr Chilingala said.

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