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Court grants couple divorce over infidelity

CONSEQUENCES of infidelity have followed a Lusaka man hard on his heels when a Lusaka court ordered him to compensate his wife with K10,000.
Senior Court Magistrate Hilda Choonya sitting with Pauline Newa at the Lusaka  Boma Court granted divorce to Ngosa Mulenga, 25, of Kabanana Township who dragged her husband Abel Muzakwayo, 30, of the same township to court for divorce.
The two got married in 2008 and have one child together.
Mulenga said she can no longer keep up with Muzakwayo’s promiscuity adding that he started a love affair when she was two months pregnant.
“A few months later, he brought his lover to a room just behind our house where he stayed with her from 08:00hours to 12:00hours. When I questioned him, he beat me and I ran away,” she said.
She said he asked for forgiveness and took her back after which they shifted to another place.
There, he had another lover, Precious, who he told that his wife had died.
Mulenga said she threatened to leave him when she found out about Precious but he pleaded with her promising to buy her a display unit and some furniture.
She said Muzakwayo does not give her any money to run the home, adding that she uses her initiative to fend for the family.
“He doesn’t know where I get money for food. When I buy half a chicken, he even demands for the gizzard,” she said sending the court into laughter.
Mulenga said on Christmas day last year, she found Muzakwayo with a woman in their home.
She said when she confronted him, he threatened to break her legs.
Mulenga said they hardly had sex as he would come home already satisfied.
She said she has since left their home and that Muzakwayo has even remarried.
In his testimony, Muzakwayo said a few days after getting married, Mulenga would refuse to have sex with him.
“I would have to tear her panties for me to have sex with her. That’s how I decided to have a lover but I confessed to her,” he said.
He said the two have been on separation five months now and as far as he is concerned the marriage is over.


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