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Court ends 2-year-old marriage

A THIRTY-SIX-year old man of Chipembi township in Chisamba wants his two-year marriage to end because his wife slept with his worker.

Elias Siame told the court that both his wife and the worker admitted to having a sexual affair and his wife asked for forgiveness.
This is in a case in which Siame sued Mwiche Katete, 22, of Kanyama township for divorce.
Facts before the court are that the two got married in 2014 and have one child together and bride price was paid.
“My wife admitted to the pastor at church and when our two families sat, I was shocked and disappointed in her,” Siame said.
In his submissions, Siame told the court that it was better for the couple to go separate ways.
But Katete, in her defence, refuted the allegations and told the court that she did not approve of her husband’s decision to divorce.
She told the court that Siame’s family has been a source of problems in their marriage from the beginning.
“My husband takes our personal issues to his family and the family always decides what should happen in our marriage. He is my husband and I still love him,” Katete said.
A representative from Siame’s family told the court that Katete admitted to having sex with her husband’s worker in the presence of the families and even asked for forgiveness.
In passing judgment, magistrate Miyanda Banda sitting with Pauline Newa granted the divorce and advised the couple to share equally all the property acquired together.

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