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Couple jailed after deadly ‘cure’

A HERBALIST and his wife have been jailed for administering a concoction to wean a soldier from alcoholism, but instead the remedy killed him.
Ndola High Court acting judge-in-charge Emelia Sunkutu jailed Jackson Kapangu, 39, and Maides Chishimba, 26, both of Chilubi village in Kaputa for four and three years, respectively, for the manslaughter of Kanyuka Phiri on September 27, 2013.
In his testimony, Lackson Sikanyika, 37, a corporal in the Zambia National Service (ZNS) in Choma, said he found Mr Phiri lying down helplessly in the couple’s hut after his supervisor tasked him to search for him after a long absence from work.
Mr Sikanyika said Mr Phiri said he became frail after taking a laced porridge that the couple gave him, and that he ferried him to a ZNS clinic where he died in the evening of the same day.
A post-mortem report indicated that Mr Phiri died of cardiac glycocline.

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