Cost of living goes down in Livingstone

THE Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection(JCTR) says the cost of living in the tourist capital has reduced due to reduced prices of mealie-meal coupled with  the appreciation of the Kwacha.

JCTR Livingstone outreach officer George Makaha said the reduction in the cost of living is good though most people can’t afford it.
Mr Makaha said most of the people in Livingstone get between K500 and K1,000 salaries, which are too low to sustain a family.
He said currently, the basic needs basket stands at K3,800 and last month was K3,890 for an average family of five.
Mr Makaha appealed to Government to continue putting in place measures that have continued stabilising the country’s economy.
He also commended Government for its robust economic diversification programme towards reducing overdependence on mining to agriculture.
He said the move will ensure sustainable economic development and that Government should also consider reducing levies paid by tour operators so that the relief could help in improving salaries for the workers.
Mr Makaha said there is also need for concerted efforts from stakeholders to assist Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Livingstone with credit facilities so that they could open manufacturing industries to improve economic activities in the district.
“Once the city has manufacturing companies, it entails that there will be more people in employment which will help in meeting the basic needs basket,” he said.


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