Letter to the Editor

Corporates, help renovate Mwembeshi Police Post

Dear editor,
THE people in Lusaka’s Zingalume township are living in fear due to high crime rate in the area in the recent past. Criminals

who usually move in groups of between 10 and 20 terrorise the residents between 01:00 hours and 03:00 hours in the morning.
Some houses have been broken into by thieves, who have gotten away with household goods and money. Worse still, some people have been slain in cold blood, with some body organs removed. The case in point is a 35-year-old woman of Zingalume who was gruesomely murdered after being gang-raped. She was found dead in the early hours of Sunday June 4, 2017.
The high crime wave has been exacerbated by lack of police presence in the area because Mwembeshi Police Post was gutted by irate residents in March 2015. This followed the ritual murder of four men in George compound and the subsequent arrest of the ritual killers. The suspected ritual killers were held at the police post awaiting transfer to Lusaka Central Police.
When rumours went round in the community that the suspected ritual killers were to be released, this angered some residents, who protested and resorted to setting the facility ablaze. This was misinformation. To date the police post has not been operating.
However, the criminals have taken advantage of lack of police presence to terrorise the residents. In view of this, I earnestly appeal to companies operating in Matero constituency to come on board by donating material and financial resources towards the renovation of Mwembeshi Police Post.
I would like to request the hard-working Home Affairs Minister, Honourable Stephen Kampyongo, to also assist in whichever way he can. I am confident that the gutted police post will be renovated so that it starts operating normally.

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