Coronavirus frustrates Preacherman’s comeback bid

TWO months after announcing his comeback into the boxing ring for exhibition fights, Exodus Boxing Promotions proprietor Anthony “Preacherman” Mwamba is frustrated that his ambitions to step in the ring again have been frustrated by COVID-19 whose cases have continued to rise.
Mwamba said in an interview yesterday that his plans were to have two bouts within two months from the time he announced his return from retirement, but he is disappointed that COVID-19 cases have continued to spike thereby putting the fights on ice.
“To be honest, I’m frustrated, I thought by now I would have already beaten John Shipanuka but because of the coronavirus, I have been unable and now it’s kind of hurting me,” he said.
Mwamba said COVID-19 is real and he will not force matters but will wait until the situation normalises.
But he fears that his dream bout may not take place any time soon because the coronavirus cases have continued to
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