Copperbelt tomato price still high

THE price of tomato on the Copperbelt has remained high for the third month running this year fetching between around K250 per box in major towns in the province.
Currently, the changing weather pattern and high cost of inputs, coupled with the high demand of tomato, has resulted in price increase of the commodity, with the price of a box of tomato rising from about K150 to K350 in some areas.
According to the Zambia National Farmers’ Union Friday brief availed to the Daily Mail yesterday, a box of tomatoes is fetching around K250 per crate, while in Kasumbalesa border post in Chililabombwe, it is pegged at about K320 to K400 per box.
“Prices of the commodity have kept on appreciating because of the ever increasing demand despite many farmers going into tomato production. There has been an unprecedented demand for the commodity within and around Copperbelt, especially by the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo,” the union says.
Similarly, in Lusaka, a survey conducted by the Daily Mail revealed that a box of tomato was fetching between K200 and K300.
In petauke, farmers have been advised to embrace new innovations that are being promoted by various organisations in the soya beans value chain.
Petauke District Agriculture Coordinator Mwaba Lubasi encouraged farmers in the district to take advantage of such programmes being implemented by the German Society for International Cooperation through the Community Markets for Conservation.
Mr Lubasi said farmers should fully utilise benefits that come along with the crop such as nutritional value through various products that can be processed from the commodity, stock feed, and income from the sales of the actual crop, and the availability of soya beans market.

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