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Cop admonished for starving child, girlfriend

THE Matero Local Court has heard how a police officer used to starve his lover and their baby by locking food in the bedroom.
It is alleged that Superintendent Ndawa Phiri, 51, of Matero Police Station used to cook food only for himself and locked the remaining in the bedroom leaving his girlfriend, Irene Mwiya, 39, to starve despite her breastfeeding their five months old baby.
This was heard in a case in which Phiri sued Mwiya for reconciliation over child maintenance.
Mwiya told magistrate Harriet Mulenga sitting with magistrate Victoria Njovu that Phiri had asked her to move in with him because he felt it would be easier for him to support the child.
“I sold all my belongings and property because I knew I would start a new life with the father of my child despite him not paying dowry or anything.
“This man you are seeing here is a superintendent. I have not had any food this morning because he cooks only for himself and hides all the food stuff in the bedroom. Your honour, this morning he cooked rice and sour and locked the remaining in his bedroom. I have not had anything from last night,” Mwiya said. – CLICK