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Converse all stars: 10 ways to wear your chucks

A TIMELESS classic, simple, yet absolutely trendy, Converse All Stars also popularly known just as ‘’chucks’’ will score a perfect-ten for you almost always when done properly.

This is a shoe with the ability to adapt and appeal to all wearers, regardless of age, style or income bracket.
There are no specific rules on how to dress up or down with this adorable fashion piece. Chucks can be made to go with anything from jeans and tees to a suit to shorts. All Stars can go summertime casual, layered-up winter style or red carpet defiance.
I have personally scored high with different outfits worn with my chucks. For a shoe that has made it through so many eras, generations and style revolutions, the All Star is sure easy to work with. I have put together a good number of looks you might want to try out with your chucks.
1. Its warming up now but evenings can still get a bit chilly. One look you can go for during the day is a pair of classic beige chinos, white tees and a navy or black cardigan that is light enough to be convenient during the day and warm enough for when the temperatures drop later. Both a black or white pair of chucks should work well with this look. Simple but effective style.
2. Chinos, a dress shirt tucked in and sleeves folded up are another classy winner. The right fitting pants and shirt will make all the difference in making you look like you knew what you were doing when leaving the house or your outfit is an accident. A good watch with straps matching your belt will create the perfect aesthetic for this look.
3. A varsity jacket and cropped or caffed pants with baggy tees underneath is a sporty but trendy look. Either low-cut or high-top chucks will look great with this outfit.
4. For colder days or nights, you could also pull off a great look with a chunky sweater and skinny jeans or chinos.
5. Graphic tees are trendy at the moment. Create a great street-look with a graphic t-shirt, skinny jeans and your favorite pair of All Stars.
6. Another deal sealer with chucks is the denim-on-denim mix. Do this well and you are sure to look like a star. This is a popular look with celebrities.
7. Straight or skinny jeans, a button-down shirt and a blazer is a classic but effective look with the All Stars on your feet. The classic black tops with white a sole will make for a perfect authentic when worn with a white shirt, untucked and a black blazer. Try this same look with an all-black theme and the result will be impressive.
8. Carry your chucks in your gym bag or throw them in your boot on a Friday morning as you get into work. Lose your neck tie and trade your office shoes with your sneakers on your slim fit suit after work for a drink with the boys. Look the part and feel the comfort. The ladies will love this look too.
9. Summer time is around the corner, make sure your shorts are close by because they will work well with a fresh pair of chucks and tees. A very easy and comfortable look. No sweat.
10. One trend that am predicting will explode among the stylish gents in Zambia is chitenge outfits mixed with denim or chinos worn with All Stars. Mark my words, this one right here is a trend we can call our own and export to other countries. Let’s talk about this one more next. Shall we?
Stay fresh!

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