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Contribute to food security, agricultural scientists urged

THE Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has urged agricultural scientists to contribute to food security by enhancing research development in the country.
ZNFU president Jervis Zimba said agricultural scientists should make meaningful contribution to national food and world food security by being innovative and producing enough food to feed the growing populations.

Speaking during the prize giving ceremony for graduating students in the School of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Zambia recently, Mr Zimba said research and education have to be developed in that direction to make agricultural science and technology more responsive to changing societal demands.
“We must move with the world dynamics, actualising our country’s diversification agenda into various crops, livestock and fish production and the entire agriculture value chains, including value addition.
“This is a calling that you have accepted, that of innovating and producing food to feed the people and, what better place to do this than in your own country,” Mr Zimba said.
ZNFU has indicated that small-holder farmers can become the bedrock of food security in Africa, provided they access the essential ingredients of modern agriculture like quality seed of improved crop varieties.
Mr Zimba urged agricultural scientists to remain focussed and steadfast by making meaningful contribution to the growth of the agriculture sector in the country, and the world as a whole.