Letter to the Editor

Contractors should be responsible

Dear editor,
I AM deeply disappointed by the contractor who has been engaged to construct a drainage on the first road that turns into Kaunda Square Stage 1, from Munali Road when one is coming from the direction of the roundabout.
Whoever the contractor is, they have heaped the soil they dug up from the drainage along the road reducing it to one lane.
This has caused unnecessary congestion as people coming from opposite directions have to give themselves turns to pass.
From the look of things, the contractor is no longer on site as the soil has solidified, making mounds on the road.
I am also left to wonder who supervises or monitors works done by contractors. It seems they can do as they please.
Whoever is responsible for monitoring that contractor should look into this matter.
The contractor should be instructed to remove the heaps of soil dumped on the road and take it somewhere else. The heaps of soil are not only causing congestion but damaging the road as well.
I do not think that road will still be in good condition after they remove the soil.

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