‘Continue fight against defilement’

SOUTHERN Province commissioner of police Mary Chikwanda has called for conserted efforts in fighting defilement and its negative effects on society.
Ms Chikwanda said she is deeply concerned with the escalating levels of defilement cases in the region.
She said this in Choma on Friday night during the 2014 Zambia Police Southern Division superior police officers’ annual ball.
“It is further noted that defilement of girls under the age of 16 remains a matter of great concern to the police and the community, this scourge has negative effects on national development.
“The vice calls for conserted efforts from all stakeholders so as to address its devastating effects,” Ms Chikwanda said.
She said Southern Province this year recorded 104 defilement cases out of which 58 suspects were arrested while 12 were convicted.
And Ms Chikwanda said she is worried about the high number of road traffic accidents in the region.
She said Southern Province this year recorded over 400 accidents out of which over 100 were fatal.
“421 road traffic accidents were reported this year of which 102 were fatal. These statistics are worrisome and we will work towards acquisition of more traffic enforcement equipment to safeguard our roads, pedestrians and motorists alike,” she said.
Ms Chikwanda appealed to pedestrians to always observe road traffic rules.
She, however, said Southern Province has this year experienced a decrease in the number of serious and violent crimes, which have remained isolated and only targeted at individuals.
“A lot has been achieved in combating most of these crimes and we treat those that have continued recurring as developmental areas where we need to focus attention,” Ms Chikwanda said.

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