Construction of new state house will be cost-effective – FODEP

FOUNDATION for Democratic Process (FODEP) in Livingstone says plans to construct a new state house will be cost-effective considering

the K2 million spent on maintenance of the current State House annually.
FODEP Livingstone district chairman Gideon Musonda said while the organisation recognises the economic challenges the country is facing, the current state in which State House is in compromises the security and safety of President Lungu, his family and employees.
“The more than 80 years old deteriorating State House building can be described as appalling, life-threatening, and in a state of disrepair,” he said.
He said this in a statement made available yesterday.
He said the parliamentary committee’s report and recommendation was elaborate and needs to be debated with sober minds.
“We urge Government to disseminate the report and explain further and justify the need for construction of a new state house so that people can appreciate,” he said.
Mr Musonda said the construction should be gradually done to balance the economic needs of the country.

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