Letter to the Editor

Construction of new state house beneficial to all

Dear editor
PEOPLE opposing the construction of a new state house must be harbouring ulterior motives. Having a

new state house is fully justified due to several plausible reasons.
Firstly, living in an archaic structure constructed during colonial times poses serious danger to the occupants, especially that it is our Plot One. Even buildings have a lifespan.
Secondly, some of the security features of the present house may have become obsolete. Technology has advanced. Plot One requires latest enhanced security features befitting our ‘White House’.
Thirdly, State House is non-partisan. In the past, it has accommodated presidents from UNIP and MMD. Currently, a PF president is there. Even in future, it will be occupied by whoever becomes republican president regardless of which political party he or she will belong to.
Fourthly, our economy is growing. Many big, expensive developmental projects are going on across the country. Even our number-one citizen deserves to live in a modern, secure dwelling. I can’t wait to see the new presidential mansion.

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