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Construction firms should provide safety attire for workers

Dear editor,
I WRITE to appeal to construction companies carrying on road works countrywide to adhere to safety regulations by providing PPE attire to their staff.I have observed with dismay how these companies have continued exposing our Zambian youths employed in various categories to health hazards by not providing them with PPE in terms of hard hats, goggles, safety shoes, mouth pads, etc.
While this is going on, those in senior positions and/or owners are seen working in recommended PPE attire.
Let RDA and ZEMA make it a must for these construction companies to provide PPE attire to the Zambians without fail.
Don’t abuse the Zambians by exposing them to health hazard working environments when they are actually most times the ones on the ground to do the actual works.
Zambians should not be used as tools to advance the foreigners’ welfare just because the employment levels are scarce.
Use the down payments that you are given for the contracts to procure correct PPE attire for the Zambians than just buying yourselves luxurious vehicles at the workers’ expense.
The Ministry of Works and Supply should also come on board to compel all those they give contracts to procure PPE attire for all the workers irrespective of gender, race, class etc.