Construction of dam in Chilanga underway

UNPREDICTABLE rain pattern in the country has compelled two agricultural companies to construct a dam in Chilanga to support crop irrigation.
Beresford Farming and Lismark Farm Limited have since submitted an environmental impact statement (EIS) report to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency on its intentions to build a dam at a cost of over K300,000.
According to an EIS reported obtained by Daily Mail on Wednesday, the dam will cover 44 hectares of crops such as tobacco, soya beans, maize and wheat. The water will also be required for animals to drink.
The report notes that this will be done once the dam is constructed and operating at full supply level.
“…Varying rain pattern in recent years has made rain-fed farming uneconomical and to address effects of unpredictable rain pattern, the firms have opted to look for alternative source of water such as the constructing of the dam to grow crops throughout the year under irrigation.
“Beresford Farming and Lismark Farm Limited have been confined to dry land agriculture thus limiting their agricultural productivity. However, the two farming entities wish to increase their investment in the area by constructing an earth dam of capacity 2.4 million cubic meters in Chilanga,” the report notes.
The project which is estimated to cost K350,000 is expected to create over 140 jobs for the locals.
The construction of the dam is expected to result in irrigation of 200 hectares of crop and provide watering for 1,200 cattle and 600 sheep.
“Even in times of low rainfall and partial droughts, the dam [will provide] water for crop irrigation and animals,” the report notes.
The project’s components will include clearing of the site to prepare for construction works, construction of dam foundations, core trench, embankment and stabilisation.
Other components are construction of the spillway, pumping stations, rising main pipeline to convey water to the existing crop fields, sourcing and purchasing of construction materials.

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