Construction activities increase demand for materials

A CHINGOLA-BASED quarry company says there is demand for building materials following the increased construction activities on the Copperbelt and the country as a whole.
Matty Investment Limited has since increased its production capacity of crushed stone and sand from 4,000 to 12,000 tonnes per month.
Company managing director Matthew Nkhuwa said the demand for building materials is high as a result of works being undertaken by the construction industry.
“Even individuals are coming forward to buy materials for construction of their residential buildings,” he said in an interview on Tuesday.
Mr Nkhuwa said the company plans to increase production capacity from the current 12,000 to 24,000 tonnes per month of crushed stones and sand.
“We intend to further increase production capacity to meet the demand for building materials,” he said.
Mr Nkhuwa cited the ongoing construction works in the road sector and residential houses as some of the activities that have upped the demand for crushed stones and sand.
He said the construction sector is creating jobs for the local people thereby supplementing Government in providing employment to the people.
Mr Nkhuwa said the current demand for cement is also as a result of increased projects being undertaken in the construction sector.
“The companies we have in cement manufacturing are overwhelmed because of the demand for the commodity,” he said.
He expressed happiness over the establishment of Dangote cement plant in Ndola, saying it will play a role in smaking the price of cement affordable.

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