Constantly dip animals, farmers told

THE Livestock Services Co-operative Society (LSCS) has urged farmers to constantly dip their animals in the dry season because various livestock diseases are likely to break out during this period.

LSCS said between April and November, corridor and other preventable diseases and conditions such as nutritional stress and intestinal worms are likely to exert pressure on cattle, sheep and goats.

According to the Zambia National Farmers’ Union Friday brief availed to the Daily Mail recently, farmers are advised to talk to experts to ensure preventive measures are correctly carried out.
“With the onset of the dry season, farmers are being urged not to leave anything to chance, but conduct preventive measures for their livestock promptly,” the statement reads.
It says the impact of the diseases can be addressed squarely by effective and timely intervention through dipping and spraying, vaccination, deworming, treatment and supplementation of animals with protein sources.
LSCS says veterinary vaccines and animal dipping continue to have a major role in protecting animal and public health to enable efficient production of the livestock sector to feed the country.
The society says it is also important for farmers to observe animal movement restrictions associated with the zones to ensure safety.


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