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Constable threatens wife with violence

INSTEAD of protecting his wife, a police constable has been in the fore front of violence, threatening to cut his wife with a slasher.
The officer has also been ordered to compensate his wife with of K10, 000 after the court annulled his marriage.
This was before Justice Lewis Mumba in a case where Gillian Mwaanga, 36 of Barlastone dragged Ignatius Mungaila to court for divorce.
Mwaanga, a mother of three said she has been married since 1996 but from the onset, her marriage has been tumultuous.
She said one day when she got home from Church, Mungaila chased her saying she was smelling.
Mwaanga said they always fight and that one day while in the garden, Mungaila threatened to slash her.
“This man doesn’t even provide for me. I don’t know his salary. And whenever he comes home, he’s always drunk. Even when I gave him the divorce summons, he told me he was glad I did that,” she said.
She said from Mungaila’s response, she concluded he has no interest in her.
And in his statement, Mungaila said the two have lived very well together adding that, that is why he does not want their marriage to end.
Raising his hands in the air, he swore before the court that he has never threatened to slash his wife.
He said the trouble with Mwaanga is that she is being misled by her sister who does not want them to be together.
In passing judgment, Seniour Court Magistrate Mumba asked Mwaanga to give Mungaila another chance but she refused.
Justice Mumba said even if the court would rather couples reconcile, it would not work in the case of the Mungaila’s as there is a possibility that one would kill the other.
The court granted divorce citing unreasonable behaviour and violence on Mungaila’s part.