Consider growing crops, poultry farmers urged

NDOLA Poultry Association chairperson Kelvin Lubinda has called on poultry farmers in the district to consider growing soya bean and maize and learn how to make stockfeed for their chickens to cut down on production costs.
Mr Lubinda said the increase in feed prices has narrowed the profit margins, forcing a lot of small-scale poultry farmers out of the business.
He said recently during the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) annual general meeting that if farmers can take interest to start making their own feed, it will cushion them from the high price of stock feed.
“To avert the rising price of stock feed, it may be helpful to encourage farmers to grow soyabean and maize and learn how to make their own feed to cushion the rising cost of feed which has forced many farmers to close up their businesses,” he said.
He also said small-scale farmers have failed to penetrate organisation outlets such as Shoprite, Pick n’Pay and Quick Save.
Mr Lubinda, however, said broiler farming has become a fast-growing business in the district due lack of formal employment.
He said people have found poultry business to be a manageable venture and, as a result, the district recording rapid growth in the sector.
Meanwhile, Petauke PoultryAssociation chairperson Monica Longwe said the poultry industry is growing in the district year-by-year and still has the potential to grow further due to the large number of farmers joining the sector.
Ms Longwe said the district has also received a number of trainings and this has uplifted the skills for most poultry farmers.
PAZ has affiliates in districts across the country.

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