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Conservation Farming Unit trains over 190,000 farmers countrywide

ALMOST 200,000 farmers across the country were trained last year in conservation farming, a move that is aimed to increase productivity, the Conservation Farming Unit (CFU) says.
CFU official in a press response on Friday said embracing conservation farming and implementing land preparation practices allow farmers to increase their yields while reducing the cost of production.
The training covers topics namely; fertiliser application, seeding, hoe and mechanised farming, planting and herbicide use.
“In 2014, the CFU’s lead farmer extension system trained 198,000 farmers. Adopting conservation farming and the land preparation practices advocated for by the CFU allows farmers to significantly increase their yields while reducing input, labour and preparation costs. The result is more profitability, and more money in the farmers’ pocket,” CFU said.
By early last year, over 175,000 farmers had adopted minimum tillage on all or part of their land within the areas that the CFU is present.
The union highlights, however, said the major challenge is increasing awareness for farmers to get knowledge on conservation farming which is climate and soil smart.
It noted that farmers are able to withstand bad rains, and their land remains productive and healthy for a longer period when they practice conservation farming.

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