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‘Oh if only God could be bribed! My story would surely be different but….’
What…? No, never, it is impossible! What are you saying?

Some of our dreams will remain what they are – DREAMS! God can never be bribed.
Whether you are game or not, consequences of your actions will be. “Swallow a grenade and stand to deal with the explosion in your stomach later.”
Oops, how messy!
Just, how did you get yourself in such a state? Could it be that no one told you what you were letting yourself into?
Ah, well, so sorry friend, sometimes life is such, we learn some things by living them. Live with it the best you can. What you see at your hands must be as a result of what you did earlier. You swallowed that grenade, remember?   
Consequences of your actions are ever at your doorstep, waiting to come in when the time is right. Whether you invite them in or not, they will surely come in. It is just a matter of time. You just have to be ready for that time. Take the time to look up Galatians 6:7 from the Bible.
What must come, will surely come. If it happens by some chance you learn beforehand that what you are doing is likely to boomerang. While you have time on your hands, do the only wise thing. Make a run for your life before you are caught up in a messy situation. Leave, do the fastest sprint you can and never look back.
Note, for the sake of any good you once did for me, I may decide to return the goodwill. “You have a lousy attitude towards everyone now, though.”
Anyway, I may choose to stand up for you, for old times’ sake. Never mind what you have become.
I will stand up for you whether you ask me to or not. Mine is a human heart that can easily be swayed into doing you a favour. Whether it is the right thing to do or not, I will do it.
I am human, one day I too may just fall into your shoes. When such a time comes I will look for someone to put in a good word for me. So you see, it is not solely about you. I am looking out for myself as well. How pathetic, it is true though!
Ooh, the human mind, who can understand it?  
Be mindful of the mind/heart of God however. When you stop doing bad, some of the consequences of the bad you once did may still manifest in your life sometime later.
Should you for some reason stop being good and become bad, God will forget any good you ever did. You can never do anything about this. You just have to live with it. Complicated business!
The heart of God cannot be swayed into favouring anyone no matter what. That is the heart of God, ever upright. Should you miss His mark, then you are on your own mate.
Cling to doing the good you know, never stop doing it. If you are in right standing with God, the thought of ever bribing God would never cross your mind.
 Does this mean God does not forget even though He may forgive? He does, that is why you and I are still here despite the daily wrongs we commit. But consequences of what we did or do will be there.
I can’t lie in with them pigs and expect to wake up emitting the catchiest aroma. Such an expectation would surely be out of this world. I will get up and out reeking of a pig sty.
A brand new day I will see just like everyone else, though.  That is the kind of mercy we get from God, a chance to a brand new beginning. It does not matter where we have been or for how long we have been there.
When a chance for something new happens, grab it with both hands, and do not think twice about it.
“Eureka! So I have another chance regardless of who I am or what I have done?”
 Yes, dearest, that chance is there. Whatever negative consequences you face any time should not throw you off balance.
 Never think back and wish things were different. Your wishes will not make anything any better. Look around you in awareness, fix what you can. Then get on with life just as if things had never been messy before.
Take care though, not to go out and sin up a whole storm, making things messy again.
Even though you can take the Lord’s several chances to the bank for sure payment, do not take His mercy for granted. You may not live to see them all. No one knows when or how death will pounce on them.
Live and always remember that this life offers no one any guarantee. You have that chance as long as you are alive, any time later may be never.
Once you are dead you can never get to ask God to do for you any favour even if it were for old times’ sake. Such would never just cut it. It’s tough luck!
Besides, there are consequences for our actions to always think about as we live. No one wants to do anything that would hurt them later.
Cling only to the praiseworthy ideals you would like all to associate you with anytime.
 Your mind is capable of taking you along wherever it goes. As a child of God let your mind dwell only on godly thoughts. Then you will forever be safe and never for once imagine the impossible.
“Bribe God? Never!” Whoever heard of such? Consequences of your actions will always be there.
Think about this: “Do not dine with today’s disappointments, better dine alone but look forward to having breakfast with tomorrow’s appointments.”
So long friend!
The author, Bwalya Chilufya, is a Lusaka-based life coach.


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