ConQuest release ‘Your Love’

CONQUEST, a trio of spoken word poetry and hip hop artistes who that use their gifts to minister the word of God to people have released a single called Your love, on which they testify and sharing what God is to them.
The group, which was formed in 2004 as the Conquer Quest, a friendship among individuals who share similar interest in poetry and hip hop, has grown into some kind of a brotherhood that sets out to deliver a message of hope, love and victory.
The group is made up of Musenge L Katongo aka Messenjah, Bwalya Mulunga aka Millz and Joleya Joshua Hakasenka aka Realtok.
“Currently we have a single called Your Love, which is a track that is more of us testifying and sharing what God is to us and what he has done for us. It features Rhymez who is a co-founder and director of innovations for Bittersweet Poetry Zambia and is our manager.
The track is available for download on www.thenativez.com,” Messenjah said in an interview.
The trio is also working on two singles, one which is more of an introduction to who they are as ConQuest, what they stand on and what their mission is while the other one is talking about God’s blessings.
“We are working with a producer, songwriter and singer from Utututu Music Productions called Joshua and our executive producer is Mwape Mumba who has a good understanding of the industry is helping us through the ropes as young artistes. We’re under Bittersweet Poetry young voices programme.
“We believe we have something worth sharing as artistes and ministers. People should expect creativity, fun, amusement listening to tracks that are power-packed with the word of God.
“We understand what our fans need and we promise to deliver works that are conscious”, they said.”


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