Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to NRFA

Dear editor,
I AM delighted to hear that the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) has released K20 million from tolls for emergency repair works on the Kafue-Mazabuka road.
According to NRFA public relations manager Alphonsius Hamachila, the money for the full rehabilitation of the 68-kilometre stretch is being mobilised.
Whatever the case, this is a good start and the way it should be.
The money collected through toll gates should be seen to be used for the intended purpose.
As Government has embarked on the massive road construction project it is important to ensure that these roads are maintained to avoid them deteriorating to levels where they need an overhaul.
Let us make maintenance a routine for road infrastructure, this is the only way we will see progress otherwise we will be moving in circles.
I am made to wonder why we let such an important road (Kafue-Mazabuka) to deteriorate to such levels. For us frequent travellers, the stretch has become a nightmare and death trap.
Going forward let us be proactive and ensure proper maintenance of our roads.

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