Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to media houses

Dear editor,
ZAMBIA Council for Social Development (ZCSD) takes this opportunity to congratulate the media both private and public for informing the nation and beyond before, during and post August 11, 2016 elections. We acknowledge the constrained environment both the public and the private media formations operated under.
The information was helpful to the electorate to make informed decisions while in some cases the media propagated hatred and divisive news that has left the nation more divided than united.
If the media managed to divide the nation, it is therefore our appeal to the same media to help the President-elect, Mr Edgar Lungu and his government to re-unite the nation by positive reporting and avoid any form of mocking citizens who exercised their democratic rights to context in the elections as candidates or support candidates who have not formed government.
We also advise the public media, particularly ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail to exercise maximum patriotism to the Zambian people by immediately making them accessible even to those with dissenting views from those in government. This is one way government will accelerate peace building and unification of the nation.
Campaign time is over and we hope that both the public and private media will repossess its space and responsibility to contribute to development and peace building in the country.
We also wish to take this opportunity to advise media oversight institutions not to be abused and used to promote dictatorship in a democratic nation. Media freedom is an ingredient to fostering freedom of expression and enhancing democracy.
Thank you and God bless you.
Executive Director

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