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Congrats President Lungu

Dear editor,
I WRITE to congratulate President-elect Edgar Lungu on his re-election as the President of Zambia.
The people of Zambia have surely spoken using the ballot and their wishes have finally been put into reality.
To the President-elect, may your next five-year term be something to continue pointing at (kusontapo) even beyond your tenure.
The margin victory as regards the votes shows that you aligned yourself very well with the Zambians and now it is time to truthfully and honestly serve them as their top most servant.
Finally, I would also like to thank the late President and founder of Patriotic Front, Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP), for showing you to us. Surely, a lot of people did not know you and your humble heart, yet the late knew all his stewards, hence entrusting you with the leadership of this great nation Zambia.
Ba Sata surely did not dupe us on your selection.
Congratulations once more as you serve this great nation with dignity and humility.