Congolese nabbed over taxi driver disappearance

POLICE in Ndola have arrested a 21-year-old Congolese national for allegedly abducting a taxi driver and robbing him of his vehicle.
And taxi drivers operating from Masala and Mushili townships yesterday protested at Chifubu Police Station about the continued missing of their counterpart, who was hired by the Congolese national on Monday last week.

Chifubu Police Station officer-in-charge Chrispin Mutuna informed Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo about the arrest of James Bonku, who had hired Peter Chanda, 48, when the minister visited the station yesterday.

Mr Mutuna said Mr Chanda, a driver of a Toyota Funcargo registration ACZ 1729, was hired from Masala to take Bonku to Maria Chimona on Zambia’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Mr Chanda disappeared.
“We have with us James Bonku, a Congolese, whom we arrested on July 28 this year, and we found that the car he hired had been dismantled and the engine sold but it was recovered,” Mr Mutuna said.
He said police acted on a tip from the public that a vehicle was being stripped of spare parts in one of the garages in Chifubu township.
“The man [Bonku] has revealed that the taxi driver is alive but that he ran into the DRC. We are trying to find ways of going to the DRC to look for him,” Mr Mutuna said.
It took Mr Lusambo to calm down the protesting taxi drivers, who parked over 30 vehicles and chanted songs in front of Chibufu Police Station in protest against the disappearance of Mr Chanda.
Mr Lusambo, who addressed the protesting taxi drivers outside the police station, assured them that police were investigating the matter to establish the whereabouts of their friend.
He said police have made headway in their investigations after arresting the suspect, recovering the vehicle and identifying the garage where the car was being dismantled.
The taxi drivers also told Mr Lusambo, who is Kabushi member of Parliament, that their other colleague they named as Mike Ntonkoshi has been missing for three months now after being hired by unknown people.


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