Letter to the Editor

Confusion about where Lunte Boma should be placed out of selfishness

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my opinions with regard to the creation of Lunte District in the Northern Province and the confusion that has ensued.
President Edgar Lungu created the new district of Lunte cutting it off from Mporokoso in good faith and to enhance development in a place that has always lagged behind.
However, the people of Lunte are still tangled in confusion about the location of the Boma because of the selfishness of the politicians from that area and the chiefs. Each of them wants the district to be built in or near their villages to gain political mileage and be worshipped for the “development” that they would have brought. As a result, some people of the newly created district do not feel part of the new establishment.
To solve this problem for good, we need to follow the history of the Catholic missionaries who established churches in really central places. In view of this, take the Boma to areas near Kapatu Mission and create another district around Lubushi Mission, where Lunte Village can belong.
It is evident contentions of some politicians and chiefs are not about development but self-praise.

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