Letter to the Editor

Compulsory HIV counselling, testing way to go

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend Government for making HIV and AIDS counselling and testing compulsory.

This will definitely help reduce the infection rate further.
Our aim as a country should be to stop infections completely and this is possible if we all support the compulsory HIV and AIDS counselling and testing as pronounced.
As a country, we need to be careful with things or ideologies being smuggled in to rob us of our humanity in the name of human rights.
Already some people are saying the pronouncement is against human rights.
Whose right is more important? Is it the HIV-positive adult posing risks of infecting his or her partner or indeed the innocent unborn child?
Where does an individual’s right begin and end in relation to other people?
These are some of the realities the human rights activists should bear in mind.

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