Competition Commission launches school club in west

THE Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC)  has  launched  school  clubs  in  Mongu  and  Limulunga districts to as part of its sensitisation programme for consumers.
CCPC  chief  investigator  southern  region Moses  Musantu  said  the  clubs  are also aimed at  inculcating  values  of  competition  and consumer  protection  in  school  going children at a tender age.
According to CCPC public relations officer Hanford Chaaba, Mr  Musantu said the  formation  of  school  clubs is vital in the overall consumer protection equation,  and that the initiative would offer the much-needed long  term solution to  increased complaints of unfair and anti-competitive  behaviour on the market.
“It is CCPC’s desire to establish such clubs in all the provinces and districts going forward.
The initiate is aimed at improving consumer protection and awareness. The same initiative has already kick-started in Chipata and Lusaka,” he said this during the launch of the clubs in Mongu.
At the same event, Mongu district education board secretary Sendoi Mulonda said the school clubs were aimed at ensuring that awareness on competition and consumer protection was started at grass-root level.
Mr Mulonda said a culture of consumer awareness should be inculcated in pupils and the communities where they belong.
“The CCPC school club project is expected to encourage pupils to start reading widely on competition consumer protection issues which is good for a future adult informed person, and this would trickle-down to the future generation,” he said.
He urged head teachers and teachers to  spear-head  and  sustain  school clubs  programmes  in  their schools, and encourage pupils to read on CCPC because as they are the main drivers in ensuring that this important mandate was embraced by the pupils.
Mr Mulanda noted  that  the  education  sector  was not  immune  to  competition  and  consumer protection  concerns  and  expectsthe  clubs to  operate  like  any  other  extra-curricular clubs  and  act  as  an  eye  opener  to  pupils and schools.

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