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‘Companies ready for dry port’

A NUMBER of companies have expressed interest in partnering with Chililabombwe Municipal Council to set up a dry port at Kasumbalesa on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.
And the Chililabombwe municipality has commenced the process of establishing a dry port at the border through a public private partnership (PPP) programme.
Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge said the creation of a dry port will provide an opportunity for the town to broaden its revenue base.
“The construction of a dry port will create jobs for the local people and also an opportunity for the council to raise revenue,” he said.
Mr Musenge was speaking in Chililabombwe on Monday when he call on Chililabombwe mayor Paul Kabuswe.
He said investors coming into the country are expected to create jobs for the local people.
And Mr Kabuswe said the council has submitted the PPP proposal to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and that the document has been given the much needed attention.
Mr Kabuswe said the PPP project is currently undergoing tendering process and it will take a maximum of six to seven months.
“We have been informed by the ministry that the Zambia Development Agency will tender for would-be interested investors in the PPP. This is so because the threshold is above our jurisdiction,” he said.
Mr Kabuswe said this when Mr Musenge wanted to know from the municipality the latest about the creation of a dry port at Kasumbalesa.
He said land has already been identified in the district for the construction of a infrastructure.
Mr Kabuswe said the council is keen on the PPP project and would want the process to be finalised as soon as possible.
He said once the dry port is constructed, it will decongest the Kasumbalesa road with over 700 trucks passing through the one-stop border per day.
Mr Kabuswe also informed the minister that the construction of the road network in the mining town is going on well.
“Good roads will also add value to investment flow in the district,” he said.