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Commissioners for oaths misusing their authority?

Dear editor,
I would like to express my utmost displeasure at how commissioners for oaths in Southern Province are taking advantage of the weak in society to milk them out of their money.
It is common knowledge that to make a job application, one has to ensure that  academic and professional documents and other papers are certified by a commissioner for oaths.
However, the commissioners in Southern Province charge as much as K50 per copy.
This amount of money is too high for most people. Such amounts are levied by police officers in charge, court magistrates and Catholic priests.
One would have thought such services should be rendered free of charge since a person becomes a commissioner for oaths by virtue of the position one occupies.
I am appealing to the government to ensure that the officials that take advantage of the masses are cautioned and ordered to stop charging for just appending a signature and putting a government stamp on a document.